Francisco Rangel was born in 1971 in Querétaro (Mexico).

He commenced his studies of drawing, painting and muralism in 1980. Painting has always been, and continues to be, his primary medium.

In 1995, he graduated from architecture in Mexico and worked for the next 5 years as an architect, building and restoring traditional real estate.

In 1996, he studied Christian iconography in the INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia) and worked as an intern, managing several investigations.

Two years later, he participated in the course “Fundamentals and Techniques of Oil Painting”, under direction of Master Santiago Carbonell.

In 1999, he obtained the permission to reproduce copies of masters in the museum El Prado in Madrid (Spain), and, in 2000, relocated from Mexico to Spain to take advantage of this opportunity and dedicate all of his time to painting.

In 2002, he obtained his Masters Degree of Theory and Practice of Contemporaneous Plastic Arts in the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain).

In 2003, he completed an intensive course of camera assistant in ECAM (Escuela de Cinematografía y de Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid).

In 2004, he completed the course of Screencraft editing in the ECAM.

From 2002 to 2004, Francisco Rangel benefited from a scholarship in the ARAUCO Fundación in Chinchon (Spain), under the direction of Master Guillermo Muñoz Vera.

In 2007 he completed a course of video under direction of master Fernando Llanos in Madrid.

He now lives and paints in Paris (France).


Individual Exhibitions

2015 “Lucha Libre”, Galeria The Floor, Barcelona, España.

2015 “Lucha Libre”, Coldwell Banker Alcapa Invest Real Estate, 92200 Neully-sur-Seine, France.

2013 “Caché”, Galeria JB, Paris Francia.

2011  “Mexico DF/Sombras Negras” Avec Le romancier Mexicain Paco Ignacio Taibo II- Festival de cinema Latinoamericano de Biarritz, France

2010  “Francisco Rangel”- Plus One Gallery- London, UK

2009 “Rastros del cine mexicano contemporaneo” – Mexican Institute in Paris – Mairie du 3e arrondissement de Paris, France

2007 “The bridges of London” – Plus One Gallery – London, UK

2006 “Rastros del cine mexicano contemporaneo” – Museo Regional de Queretaro – INAH – Queretaro, Mexico – texts of Jorge Juanes Lopez and Felix Guisasola

2004 “Col tempo” – Galleria Marieschi – Milano, Italy – texts of Flavio Arensi, Felix Guisasola and Guillermo Munoz Vera

1990 “Tintas” – Galería León Felipe – Querétaro, Mexico


Collective Exhibitions

2016 Conductas defensivas, GUANAL, Museo Universitario de Artes y Ciencias, Campeche, Mexico.

2013 The Naked Truth, Plus One Gallery, London, UK.

2013 Hiperrealism Today, Museo del Tabaco, Andorra.

2013 Art Wynwood, Miami Beach U.S.A, Galerìa Alfredo Ginocchio .

2012″ Lucha Libre, Invasion”.Museo de Historia de Tlalpan. México D.F.

2012″ London Calling”-Plus One Gallery-London,UK

2010 “Images de st Paul’s in de 21 century”- St Paul’s cathedral- London, UK.

2010 “Show” – Plus One Gallery- London ,Uk

2009  “Exactitud V”-Plus one Gallery- London ,Uk

2008 “Celebrating Palladio” – Plus One Gallery – London, UK

“Exactitude IV” – Plus One Gallery – London, UK

Participation in Art London with Plus One Gallery – London, UK

2007 Group Show. Gallery Artists – Plus One Gallery – London, UK

Participation in Art London with Plus One Gallery – London, UK

“Madrid, Madrid, Madrid” – Video Projection – MenosUno Gallery – Madrid, Spain

2006 Group Show. Gallery Artists – Plus One Gallery – London, UK

Participation in Art London with Plus One Gallery – London, UK

2005 Group Show. Gallery Artists – Plus One Gallery – London, UK

“Hispanidad – realismo spagnolo” – Galleria 44 – Torino, Italy

2003 “Arcanos Contemporáneas” – Galería Clave – Murcia, Spain

“LXXIII Aniversario de la Fuerza Aérea de Chile” – Hotel Melia Castilla – Madrid, Spain

“La Academia” – Centro cultural Moncloa. Ayuntamiento de Madrid y Fundación Arauco. Madrid, Spain

“Obras y procesos” – Galería Ana Samaran – Madrid, Spain

“V Pintemos Juntos 2003” – Museo Pedro de Osma – Lima, Peru

“Muñoz Vera y la Escuela de Chinchon. El paradigma constructivista” – Kur Gallery – San Sebastián, Basque Country

“Munoz Vera and the School of Chinchon” – Plus One Plus Two Galleries – London, UK

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